School Safety

School Safety

We take student and school staff safety seriously.

  • All non-school personnel are required to use the front entrance.
  • Please sign-in at the office to receive a badge.
  • Students will be released to parents at the front office.

If students must leave during the school day:

  • Parents must sign them out at the office.
  • Students will not be released to parents from classrooms or to individuals under 18 years.
  • Please develop a meeting location so your children know what they are expected to do after school ends.

Changes to Typical Student Transportation

  • If there is a deviation from normal transportation arrangements, please inform the school. 
  • Students must bring written confirmation from a parent informing us of the change or parents must call the office prior to 1:45 pm informing us of changes.
  • Students will not be allowed to deviate from expected transportation arrangements without notification.