Last Updated: 5/17/2021 5:22 PM

Librarian: Mrs. Rood

Library Catalog

You may now search our library catalog ALL day, EVERY day, even at home! Just click on the link above and you will be directed to our library's search tools.

Placing a book on Hold


To place a book on hold, go first to the library's catalog main page (picture 1) and log-in. After you've successfully logged-in you'll see your name at the top left side. Type a few key words in the search box to help you locate the book (picture 2). Click on the book title or picture to open the book details. Click the blue button that says "hold" (picture 3). If you no longer want to hold the book, follow the same steps and then click "unhold" (picture 4). 

Log-in page for library catalog

Destiny Catalog page with search bar circled

Detail page of a book

detail page of book 2

What do Call Numbers mean and why should I care?

Call numbers tell you a lot about a book and where it's located. Call numbers are used to organize books on a shelf. If the call number starts with a number like 741.5 DEC that means it's a graphic novel (e.g., 741.5 = graphic novel or 567.9 = dinosaurs). The last three letters are the first three letters of the authors last name. The one exception to this is the fairy tale section where the letters after the call number (398.2 = fairy tales) tells you the origin of the fairy tale (e.g., 398.2 grimm or 398.2 native america).

Picture books always have the letter E at the start of the call number and Chapter books start with the letters FIC.  Early readers are ER E for early reader and they are picture books (usually at a K/1st grade reading level). EC FIC are early chapter books. These books are typically geared to an interest level of 2nd - 4th grade. 

Why should you care? Because when you're searching the catalog and you want to find books that might interest you, look at the call number. If you're in 6th grade, you probably don't want to put a book on hold with call numbers that start with an E (picture books).

Let's try it. Scroll down to the topics section of catalog's main page:

Picture icons of various topics

We're going to look for fantasy books, so click the picture with the dragon (on your own computer).

Fantasy books catalog results sorted by relevance

 Notice how the first book is a graphic novel and other other two books are chapter books. But I want an early chapter book book. Click the drop down menu at the top right where it says relevance and click call number.

Results showing drop down menu

Now the results are sorted by call numbers.

Results sorted by call number

They always start with numbers (the nonfiction section), so keep scrolling until you find books with call numbers EC FIC.

Results of fantasy early chapter books

Find your book and place it on hold (follow the instructions above until placing a book on hold).

Lili Databases

Lili, or Libraries Linking Idaho, are a set of databases provided by the Idaho Commission of Libraries and funded by the State Legislature. For school age children, there is a database on book selections (NoveList K-8), children's encyclopedia (World Book Kids) and educational videos (Scout Video Collections). They are free to use for all residents of Idaho. On the sign-in page, you just need to provide your zip code and the city you live in.

Library Policies

Number of books students may check-out. Students are allowed to check out two books at a time. Kindergarten students check out one book through Christmas, then students are allowed to have two books out at a time.

Overdue Books. Students are not allowed to check out any books until all overdue books are either renewed or returned. Books must be brought to the library to renew. There are no fines for overdue books – just please return the books undamaged! Books may be renewed as long as another student has not placed it on hold.

Damaged Books. Fines ranges from $0.25 for torn pages to $2.50 for water damaged books. If books are so badly damaged that they can no longer be used, the book will need to be replaced. Students are instructed to inform librarian of any damages they notice before leaving the library. Library fines may be paid online in Powerschool.

Lost books. Lost books need to be replaced or the replacement cost fine must be paid before the end of the school year.