PBIS Approach

Ethel Boyes Elementary School implements the PBIS strategies and ideas to develop a culture that embodies four core values:

  • Be Safe
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Respectful
  • Be a Learner

School faculty and staff use a consistent behavior managaement system to help students redirect their behavior when needed. School faculty and staff spend a significant amount of time teaching students expected behavior in each area of the school.

The system uses three colors: Green for "On Target" behaviors; Yellow for "Pause and Think;" and Red for "Stop and Change." An additional color, blue, is used for those behaviors that area above and beyond expectations. Using these color as a guide, students know if their behaviors are meeting school-wide expectations.

To help students maintain appropriate noise levels in the different locations throughout the school, a voice level chart has also been developed. The chart ranges from 1 - 5 and has different indicators for each levels:

  1. No one is talking
  2. Whispering
  3. Table Talk
  4. Instructor Speaking
  5. Outside

To help students remeber these expectations, posters have been developed and are posted throughout the school.