Enrollment Waiver Form & Policy

Last Updated: 7/23/2019 6:00 PM

Open Enrollment and Waiver Policy

Idaho law allows a parent or guardian to determine whether it is in their child's best interest to attend another school within the district or within another district. To attend a school other than the one the child is zoned to attend, the parent or guardian must apply for a waiver.

Board Policy Section 1003.0 - Students Admissions

Open Enrollment:
Residence, for the purpose of this policy, is defined as ―The domicile that is used by the parent/guardian that is secured by a signed purchase agreement, deed of trust, or rental agreement as the address for mail, telephone, registration for voting, and attendance zone for other school-aged family members.

Students whose parents or legal guardians request a transfer to a school outside the attendance area where the parents or guardian of the student reside, must annually complete an enrollment application which will be originated through the following offices:

  • Elementary: District Office or Elementary School.
  • Middle and High Schools: Student‘s home school. Both the sending and receiving principals must approve of all transfers.

Transfers will be accepted with the following conditions:

  • Resident elementary student waiver requests from one school to another may be made providing class loads remain reasonably equal or when a student moves from a population of high enrollment to lower enrollment. Nonresident students may only waiver into elementary classes that are at or below the district class size average.
  • Open enrollment for District #91 Middle and High Schools will begin April 1st and close on the second Wednesday in May for fall trimester, on the third Wednesday in November for the second trimester, and on the third Wednesday in February for the third trimester. Available spaces will be awarded first to District #91 students and then to nonresident students set forth in AP1003.3 Grade Placement. Waiver requests will be responded to in writing within sixty days of the above noted deadlines. (Please note: State law requires all waivers to be renewed annually).

A student may be denied a transfer or a transfer may be revoked at the end of the grading term if his/her disciplinary and/or attendance record is excessive or if academic performance is unacceptable.

  • Transfers must occur during the designated times except for disciplinary or trauma reasons as determined by the district administration.
  • All students on a waiver must be living at home or with a legal guardian, unless of legal age and living alone.
  • In the event that a student‘s residence changes from being within the school‘s attendance area to being out of the attendance area, continued enrollment will be permitted through the conclusion of the school year.
  • Students whose parents are in the process of building a residence, have a signed construction contract, or an earnest money/sales contract for the purchase of a home at the beginning of a school term will be considered a resident of that school‘s attendance area.
  • Transportation remains the responsibility of the parent or emancipated student.
  • Enrollment at Emerson High School is open to all students regardless of residence.
  • Students who move to District #91 who have been expelled from another school in the previous 12 months are not eligible for enrollment.
  • A nonresident student who is granted a zone waiver after the high school senior year has started may earn credits that can be transferred to his/her home high school, but may not graduate from Idaho Falls or Skyline High Schools.

NCLB School Choice
According to federal law and State Board of Education rules, students who are enrolled in an accredited traditional or charter public school are eligible to transfer to another school if their school has been identified as in school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.

  • Parents of children attending these schools will be informed by letter of their opportunity to choose another school as early as possible. Notification will include choice options, priority rankings, timelines, and transportation information.
  • If an eligible student exercises the option to transfer to another school they will be permitted to remain in that school until he or she has completed the highest grade in the school. However, the district is not obligated to provide transportation for the student after the end of the school year in which the student‘s school of origin is no longer identified for school improvement, corrective action, or restructuring.
  • Students in grades 9-12 who transfer under the NCLB School Choice Option are subject to Policy 1003.4.3.C regarding athletic eligibility.