Senior Project

Last Updated: 10/14/2019 5:45 PM

Idaho Falls School District 91 has changed the Senior Project to make it more meaningful and relevant for our students. The state of Idaho requires every senior to complete a project in order to graduate from high school, but it’s up to every school district to outline the project requirements.


D91’s senior projects now has five components:

  • InquiryThe first step is an “inquiry” or investigation into your student and their interests, which will shape your students project. It’s an opportunity to actively engage in your student and their interests. What are your students future goals or career paths? Where does your student see themselves in five years? In ten years?
  • Proposal: After students have completed their inquiry, they will write a project proposal in a formal business letter that will outline the topic of their project and the end product.
  • Interfacing & ResearchOne of the most important aspects of the senior project is taking the time to ask, see and do. Job shadowing, having a mentor, interviewing people and/or doing an internship are all ways to explore possible career paths.
  • Written ComponentThe state requires every student to complete a written report that reflects on what they have accomplished and what they have learned.  
  • Oral Component:The final part of the project allows students to present their findings, discuss the project experience and share the knowledge they gained while working on the project.


When Do Students Work On Their Project?

Students typically work on their senior projects during their senior year, giving the oral presentation in the spring. However, students can choose to complete the project during the summer between their junior year and the start of their senior year with oral presentations in the fall. Students must complete the project in order to graduate. Students should check with their school for specific dates and deadlines

How Are Students Supported During The Project?

Each student has a senior project advisor who can answer questions, provide guidance and help students finish the project. Students also will have access to a library of resources, rubrics, examples and other materials.